Fair Play

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Fair Play

Khelyaar is fully committed to offer a fair and clean gaming environment for all its users. It is important that our users thoroughly enjoy every game knowing that they are at a safe, secure, and super fun place, and we've got all the required measures in place to ensure that.


  • Impartiality

    All game rules are equally applicable to all the users at Khelyaar. So, every user gets an equal opportunity at winning. A few examples of such rules are:

    All the users get the same 100 credits budget limit to create their fantasy team, for any given match.

    Every user has the access to same database of players, and the same rules are applied to all while creating their teams. For example, the minimum or maximum number of a kind of player (all-rounders, batsmen, bowlers wicket keepers, captain and vice captain) one can choose as well as the number of players that can be chosen from a real-time match, remain the same for all users.

  • Equal Player Credits

    Player credit is like the rate card of a player, i.e., the number of credits required to select and fix a player in your team. The player credits are fixed for each contest and match, and their value does not change depending on their performance or their real-time team for a given contest or match.

  • Deadline

    The deadline to enter a contest ends exactly 1 hour before the start of the cricket match. This is to make sure that all the users continue playing evenly from the same level. To explain that further, not all our users might have continuous access to TV/internet. So, without the deadline, those users who are connected to TV/internet might get an undue advantage of changing their team players after knowing the playing 11 in the match. So, the deadline ensures all the players are starting at the same level.

  • Transparent Contest

    Every contest allows you to keep a track of the performance of other participating teams. Right after the deadline you can view/save the team details of any participant from 'My Contests' tab where you can download the PDF. This helps the users in keeping a track of all their opponents' game movements and a way to ensure that no one has made any changes to their team after the set deadline.

  • Choosing Winner(s)

    We want you to have the best gaming experience at Khelyaar, and with complete trust. We take these measures while selecting winners to ensure 100% fair, unbiased results:

    - We provide full details on our process of calculating points.

    - We clearly mention the relevant winning amount for every contest.

    - All the winnings/rewards are processed on time and the same is credited to the user's account.

    - We refer only to trustworthy and renowned third party sources for scores of every match.


  • Real, Verified Users

    It is our constant endeavour to allow only genuine users to play at Khelyaar. We ensure the same through stringent rules and practices that keep a check on any Khelyaar fairplay infringement. Users must have a fully verified account that includes submitting their authorized Govt. ID proof, PAN card and bank account details in order to withdraw their rewards/winnings.

  • Safe & Secure Payments

    - The third-party payment gateways we work with are all fully credible and their 3-D secure validation ensures all the monetary transactions are 100% safe and secure.

    - User debit/credit card details are not stored or retained with us in any form.

  • Khelyaar Employees Restricted

    Our employees are barred from participating in any paid contest at Khelyaar.

  • Legal

    Khelyaar is a platform for skill based games and fully abides by the laws of the Indian government. There are no hacks or shortcuts for easy winnings. To know more, please refer to Legality page on our website.

  • 24x7 Support

    We understand that it is important for us to be reachable to establish security and trust with our users. So, our dedicated support team is available 24x7 to answer their questions or address their concerns. Contact Us


Khelyaar understands that the personal information such as PAN Card and bank account details shared by the users need to be dealt with utmost care and so we are committed to protecting them against unauthorized access. The user information shared with us is only for the purpose of verification and never tampered with or shared with any third party.

If you ever have any concern related to your account security, please get in touch with Support for immediate assistance.

  • Responsible Gaming

    - Users under the age of 18 years are strictly prohibited from playing any cash contest(s) on Khelyaar.

    - Our players are restricted to join only up to 200 cash contests in a single match.

    - If the accrued losses cross Rs. 25,000, the user (Indian users only) is notified of the same through a prompt alert message.

  • No Cash Deals

    Cash transactions are not permitted or encouraged on Khelyaar.


A fairplay infringement is applied whenever a user indulges in wrongful methods to exploit any services/offers. Some examples are:

  1. a single user creates multiple accounts.
  2. Misuse of a referral code by creating multiple accounts to get bonus
  3. Submitting fake or any other person's documents

Action taken upon breach of fairplay:

  1. In case of multiple account creation, all accounts except the original (oldest) one are disabled.
  2. Any bonus converted to cash/winnings through any illegal means, that account for fairplay violation, will be taken away.