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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Khelyaar?

Khelyaar is a promising and legal Fantasy Sports website where you can use your sports expertise to win real money, real quick! Pick your match now!

How to register?

It's simple and free! Fill in the registration form and get started.

I can't log into my account.

Please check if you've entered the registered email address and correct password, and try again.

I'm unable to login despite entering correct username and password.

Quite unusual. No worries, please contact our support team anytime at and we'll help you out of it.

How to change my password?

Login to your account and click on Home --> Profile --> Change Password. Fill in the required fields and your password would be successfully changed.

Can I create multiple accounts with the same email ID on Khelyaar?

No, Khelyaar is strictly against this, and it will be considered as direct violation of our Fairplay policy.

How to update / edit my profile?

Login to your account and click on Home --> Profile --> Edit Profile. Fill in the required fields and your profile details would be successfully edited.

How to create multiple teams for the same match?

Once you've created your first team, you get this option called 'Create Team 2' on top of your team name on the Contests page. Just click and create your next team.

How many teams can I create for the same match?

You can create a maximum of 6 teams for a single match.

Can I join multiple contests for the same match?

Yes, you can use the team(s) you've created in a match to join multiple contests in the same match.

Can I enter the same contest with multiple teams?

Yes, but only those contests that specify 'multi-entry' option (M) let you enter multiple teams in a single contest.

I have registered with Khelyaar but did not receive any confirmation email.

(1) Please check if the email address you entered during registration was correct. (or)

(2) It may have ended up as spam. Please check your Spam box for any Khelyaar email there, just mark it as 'Not spam'. You can also add Khelyaar to your contacts to continue receiving emails from us.

If none of these help, please contact .

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    Create your team, join matches and start winning big in momments.

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    Points System

    How your team selection strategy effects your score in a match.

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